Sweet Like Candy

This was actually a look from last weeks outfit of the day. I just had to save it up for future posts since i still had a lot of other things to blog about in the coming days.

PINKaholic button down top

Well here it is! PINKaholic’s latest aztec shorts to be released soon. So what do you think? =p

The Luxury Mall neon green pumps

Gotta have neons this season!

PINKaholic pink aztec shorts

Prism Shop colored rings/ Forever21 muse ring

Cutie rings! The ones Prism Shop sent me are actually my first colored rings ive ever had. Love’em!

Coffee later with Wickedying. It’s our usual meetup mondays.. so yeah, time for a coffee break later. hehe!

That’s all for now! Mwah! <3