Ripples sunglass and cropped top

Topshop Moto joni high waisted jeans

Native shoes fitzsimmons in jiffy black

Armed and ready for the cold and rainy season of the ber-months. I guess a  pair of comfy Fitzsimmon from Native shoes will keep my feet dry during the wet season. Plus! They’re super comfy, lightweight, It’s waterproof, functional and maintains a cool factor without compromising style. 

Topshop bag

Oh hello there, Piper! =)

Hello my lovelies! Time for another ootd post. Sorry if I haven’t been posting stuffs other than ootd’s. Honestly, I’m actually getting pretty bored myself. Lol. Well, at least I own up to it. But I promise, I will be posting some makeup tutorials soon. Any requests? Comment below! I’d love to know what you guys wanna read about. 

And another thing, I will be holding a giveaway on my Instagram account soon. I’m sure you guys will love the prize I’ve chosen! Thinking about it gets me super excited as well! Haha! Although I’m still trying to figure out the mechanics for the contest. Stay tuned!


Jerseybay top/ PINKaholic high waisted shorts

Pretty Little Blings necklace

Girls Haven cleo gladiators in black/ Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM 

Found the perfect pair of black gladiators from Girls Haven at the Manila Sundance Bazaar. I actually love flats that has zipper closures at the back to make it easier to take them off and put them on. 

Thanks to Girls Haven for letting me bring home a pair! Believe me, these are the only pair of black gladiators I have as of now and I love em so much and I can’t stop wearing them. =)

Tadah! Actual work clothes for todays ootd. The perks of working at a family owned business where you can actually wear anything you want. I could even wear pj’s to work if I wanted to but no thanks. Hehe! 

Comfy clothes has been one of my go to outfits nowadays, don’t know what happened but I actually stopped buying too much heels for now. Except for emergency shopping situations or if its really something I need/want and I can’t sleep without taking it home with me. Hihi! Am I getting old for heels? I hope not. I still love wearing them tho. =)

White Camou


Naked Clothing top/ PINKaholic camou skirt/ Topshop bag

The perfect blank canvass as I would call it. It’s white and I love how the sleeves drape down perfectly. Perfect for any type of look. I would wear it with a pair of denim shorts for a casual look as well. 


Icy earrings


Forever21 stilettos

Say hello to our dog, Aaron. =)

If you guys have noticed, these heels are probably my most favorite pair of stilettos of all time. I think I have worn them with almost all of my outfits. One of the reasons why every girl should always keep a pair of black high heels in her shoe closet. They always come in handy.


Sorry if I said this was last nights post. Out internet has been acting up lately and I couldn’t even load facebook on. Ugh! It always happens when it rains. Haha! Does anyone encounter the same problem as mine? I find it sooo weird. Lols

Anyway, TGIF! It’s Friday again! It’s that day of the week wherein everyone plans out something for the night. My favorite day of the week. Hihi! It’s also my favorite day of the week to dress up. I know a lot of girls do too. Of course, It’s the weekend and I know everyone has been waiting for it. 

Enjoy guys! Mwah!